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Rapsody - Hard To Choose Lyrics

Hard To Choose Lyrics by Rapsody

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It's when ya walk out on faith
Choose to do what feel right, let erryone else trace
What we chase ain't the same
I'm still that rapper that yo favorite rapper scared to rap after
Sometimes it's hard to chill
Choose to kill, kill, kill, kill
I'm just that good, the weight ain't worth a lot of millions
When ya rap this well a lot of rappers catch feelings
We all want the best, don't let a female kill em
Hard to choose culture ova fame
Ya just want to be set and take care of all yo fam
It don't make ya but it be cool to have money like Wayne
Take the shorter roads so the fam ain't worryin'
Chose to build it slow, ain't no need, no hurryin'
It's hard to be political, can't say what's on yo brain
Careers come quick, it's just as fast to bury 'em
But I chose to give a damn
And box fo' ya like pictures on Instagram
Chose to respect what was built by both Kool and Bam
Ya know who I am, word to my homie Wyann
Shit, ain't hard to choose me
There's only one me, man
(So hard to choose)
That's why I chose to be that
Because where I'm from it ain't cool to be whack
And I'm so pro-black
Though they don't choose me back and that's choosy shit
Why it's so hard to choose y'all ova these jewels and whips
Welcome to my side
When ya look in the crowd the minority's neva white
I appreciate y'all but I'm lyin' if it don't bite (why'z so hard to chose?)
Cause I love all races but we gotta raise 'em
Cause I know the scale tipped ain't in no black girl's favor
Hey y'all, we all outcasts, these black girls favor
The blonde Barbie and scars, we all gotta save 'em
No love lost fo' whites, Latinos and the Asians
Loyal to all but when I look at these black girls faces
I understand why I chose to be betta, not basic
So it's not, not (hard to choose)
So excuse if I don't care if hipsters relate
It wasn't for ya at all, why these songs were made
Like ya were ovalaid at the airport and missed a sort of take-off
Don't understand why we get naked or
Why it's hard to choose being real or being fake, huh?
Cause the world worship people that get their cake up
But I chose to De La Soul and raise the stake up
Now why is it (so hard to choose)?
Seldom support our own, I helped myself for advancement
Want to make sure our daughters have betta chances
But y'all in that shows and watchin' videos
That's why it's hard to choose class or let em titties show
But it's betta fo' my heart, honey, like Cheerios
And secondly, more comfortable doin' winterlose
Tryna build ya up like I went to Lowe's and bought a lot
MC Lyte, I ain't forgot what ya told me
I ain't Hovy
But damn it's hard to choose bein' humble or goin' HAM
Humility's a weakness, I was told different
Quietest in the room is the baddest one like Durant
It's hard to choose Carolina ova Atlanta
Chicago, L.A., especially in Johannesburg
Yeah, cause it's been love since beginnin'
Home away from home, versus homes we get no spins in
Bein' supa lyrical is slowin' it down
Will they understand metaphors and how they compound
With the two lines befo' and the next three after?
And ask myself does it even still matter
The joints y'all trippin' on are so easy and average
And the ones I respect don't got that gift mastered
I don't want to compromise my sick self fo' a master
Cause if I don't I'm not cool and I'm boring
Should add a tsch tsch to my beats to be current
This the shit I think about along with image and earnings
But when Nas tell me 'God ya killin' it' then I'm burnin'
All thoughts chasin' y'all, man, it's easy now
XXL ain't trippin', time calmed me down
Thinkin' where we all started from
And where we all sittin' now
Shit I see it different now
Why it's not, not (so hard to choose)

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