Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lil Durk ft. OTF NuNu - OC Lyrics

OC Lyrics by Lil Durk ft. OTF NuNu

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Smoek Oc by the Vegas,
Twenty a show and these niggas can't take us
Forty rooga, leave a nigga with taser
RV pull on me, him on the spanker
Tell Billy to put me on the wait list
I just caught me a child with that Nina mah faces
Wipe out a mob, I'm addicted to mayhem
A bubba no bullet be taming
Cry on the bigo, that steamer we came
I got the acid, I throw off the train
I'm gettin' money, I'm stuck in my ways
Bitch, you ain't me, cause I gotta get payed
Niggas be talkin', got shooters like Ray
Wanna hear sad? Got a luat for the J
Niggas they bitch, they chill for the K
But these bitch ass niggas so fat
These niggas be fake, gotta watch 'em
I'm hot, so I know they on me
Robocop, robo-robber
That Nina my pro'lem solver
Man down, no shares, revolver
At the top, but I gotta go harder
I like my Lina lit darker
Bullet holes, same sound, miss Parker
My squad, they stay on ?
Get back if you ain't gettin' no money
YSL got me straight stuntin
I'm strapped, you tweaked, I'm uppin'
Cash out, make it back, it's nothin'
Red spots on his face, no blushin'
These guns, they burnin' like Usher
My shooters gonna scorch to bust 'em

Nigga get clap bow wow
Four time, no twitter,
But nigga get clap no cloud
Cowboys bad for it just to get clout
Do it here fo' sis
Catch her, I do it, yaw
Ring cost thirty, but the watch cost fifty
Switch, giddy ya, same place like 50
French fries only get both sides at Crispy
East Style with the thirty three nine, no fifth
And we coolin' befo', bare on yo bitch, no porn
Ask me a hunit, no torn. Be real!
Dance to the three like Jordan
Twenty two shots plus one, that's cold
If you stupid, niggas mad cause we do this
Live only like a savage and you roofless
3 hundid OTL, that's the movement

Put a drum on a nipple
Shooters all pointed and they aimin' official
Throwin' that Tech like a ref' with a whistle
My niggas, they 30, don't pick up they dribble
Won't worry, got missiles
Squad so hungry, they eat in the Grisham
Bitch, I'm the shit, I'm allergic to tissue
We stabbin' that civil, get money, no issue
Only the family, cause niggas ain't with you
Fillin' my sub, cause I got the new pistol
I keep on blow, rex towed on the low
Bottle lens for the scope, guns copped for a rope
Take them down for the coke, where he got it it was cold
Part the lane with the dope, these niggas don't talk
Y'all niggas go soap, four hundid for the gold
Broke niggas do the most, stackin' bread by the low
Burn them trees by the oat, try swimmin', get sowed

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