Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cassidy - Yayo (Remix) Lyrics

Yayo (Remix) Lyrics by Cassidy

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(Hook x2)
Yayo, all I spit is yayo
Spittin' coke, cause she could pull like everything I say, yo
And all these other rappers swear to God they sounded dum', yo
Course they ain't got none, yo, so I'mma have some fun, yo

yayo, I'm hustlin' everyday-o, coke wide as a cracker
I got trappers on the pay-roll
Cass was spaz since he had me layn in the crad-o
Wallet in the ballonary since I was a day-o
I used to play with Plato, extra sketch in Legos
Now I'm the man, from countin' bands to playn with that yayo
I'm hungry tryna figure out what I'mma eat today-o
Crinchies on my bago, pancakes of egg-o
The winnie with the brago, fedacini with alfredo
A hoggie, extra mayo, turkey, lettuce, and tomato
I 'member I'm still slangin', my connect name is Pedro
I want it, I confront it, I don't even got to pay-o
If we got beats, stay off the streets, you niggas gotta lay low
I never loose a fight, i choose the fight, I get it K.O.
Plus, I move with shootaz, that strap with that AK-os
The outcome will be ? we gon' put a tag on they too
I'm bout to blow that gheiko, and I confine the law
I play with base, that's why I ball, just like Jose Kenseko
Yayo, yayo, yayo, yayo, I keep sayn yayo cause I forgot what to say-o
But they know I got more bars than they can send up-state, yo
In Aspen, yo, I'm fuego, that's fire, I'm balengo
I stay on my G-os, gettin' bucks at OG mayos
You not gon' shoot me, this ain't callin' duty, this ain't halo
Who cares with a bad bitch, I'm with San Trope, yo
Her face resemble Halle, but her ass resemble J-Lo
She say her men don't matter, she would rather fuck with me
Cause when me go and bust it with, (pya) torpedo
When sun smash, he come too fast, that's why he wear a speedo

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