Tuesday, September 8, 2015

King Los - Hay (Freestyle) Lyrics

Hay (Freestyle) Lyrics by King Los

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Man I'm coming from the mother fucking west side (That's Right)
Of the B.A.L.T.I. (That's Right)
Fuck a hater, debater, and later for a nigga, If he ain't help me fly (Damn Right)
Well let me get into this mother fucker, I mean it ain't another nigga that can kick It baby, If I want you to be my Rhianna, my Madonna, out In Tijuana that ain't nothing but a ticket baby, (You dig It baby?)
Uh, or over dig It, or under dig It, well Imma pitch It, under handed, a little slower
Yeah Imma kick It on your level baby, on the pedal of a rolls, from the ghetto I'm the rose, from the ghetto to the road
I came from the shit of It, yeah that's pretty much the jist of It, I just love It, I just wasn't, like yall
Diss a nigga then dick suck em, you dick sucker, your lips pucker, up to kiss the kings ring, I'm Listerine clean, you missed It I'm mister bling bling, I sit with baller's along with a list of dream team authors, Edgar Allen, Robert Frost's, Emily Dickens, they giving me friction they making me bring out the Shakespeare,straight fear, man I've been the best for like eight years, say there, you've been the best for like eight years, say swear (shit), If the shoe fits buy It, If Its your bitch shes on a two dick diet, She a two bit, crew bitch, If she say she don't do shit, then I say you big liar(Woo)
That's animal, animalistic,and I'm relentless, I'm handling this shit, a cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, the man was selected, no random selection, I handled and left ya, I pray for protection, but she gotta hand It to me I am the perfection, I am the direction, I am the connection, who the best that ever did It? I am the exception, especially to Bruce Lee, a true freak, who me?, wow, can you see, now, or you senile?, try not to lose me, now, cuz I'm dropping jewelry, now, who copping [?] right now?, who rocking who got the juice right now?, new drop and 2Pac Is bumping, knew I would move out, won't lose out for nothing, you outchea bluffing, and I might just go cop a new house for nothing, put the news out I'm coming, niggas could not put my fuse out or nothing, using my suffering as motivation, known to grow impatient, hope and cope and waiting, making moves and using negative as fuel, and viewing all my dilemmas as benefits, I'm finna' fix It, been predicted that I would be the best, looking to my life as prophecy at best, I could see It yes, I need CBS, I need CNN, I need BET, I need MTV, I need PBS, plus I need Revolt, and I need these requests to be fulfilled no guilt cuz I don't see regrets, and I believe we blessed, and how can we be stressed, hip hop Is alive, we've got me for that, If you was the best you just got beat for that, I really killed this shit man Im a G for that, so thank me later that's where Imma leave It at (King)

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