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The Underachievers - Allusions Lyrics

Allusions Lyrics by The Underachievers

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G young nigga, but my heart is timeless
No price for my soul shift
Filled up to go mode, fuck you know? That's priceless
Two grams ain't enough, nigga keep yo blunt
Won't smoke if the shit ain't the finest
Niggas talk about what they got
When we check on these niggas, muthafuckas be lyin'
Bow down to the muthafuckin' highness
Fire start Habacci, nigga OG Lachiatchi
Break up yo whole posy, y'all niggas movin' too sloppy
Hittin' like I'm Rocky, independent, you can't drop me
Beast Coast be my army, if I tell 'em, shoot, they got me
Raised in the belly of the beast
Born in a war but my heart with the peace
Raising up gods every time that I speak
When we all get involved aint no starvin’ to eat
Makin' sure all of my niggas gon' feast
Y'all on the scene while we chasin' the cream
Roll up the leaves, nigga stark at the tree
You ain't got no weed, nigga, fuck you mean, nigga?
Fuck you mean?

(Verse 2)
An hour ago went to the oracle
I'm the illest muthafucka, in ______(?)
I went to all the ball
about a ton of full
been royal flush
I won all the loop, man
this sour be ___ like kobe do
I am living in a ___
that's the only prof
got a bitch in the bath

she was screamin AK when I shot the broom
it's a mix ____ ____ ____

you ain't no soldier
fuck you sister
guess what she told us?
you're a bitch ass nigga ___ ___
now hold up!
smoking good, fronto rap the round
the OG in my hood
it's understood
if AK be winning then you know you could
___, bitch can kill my vibe
I am on a everlasting high
want peace of mind and peace of pot
if it's not both then take my life
I am blowing smoke untill I die
high as heaven watch me fly
look within you probably find
a place go home and live your life

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