Thursday, August 20, 2015

Method Man - 2 Minutes Of Your Time Lyrics

2 Minutes Of Your Time Lyrics by Method Man

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That's why y'all muthafuckas don't know nothin'
You don't do no education, man
Sit yo lil ass down, lemme talk to ya fo' a minute and shit, mane
Staten Island
Still grimmy as a mob
Y'already know

Listen, I wrote this verse on the 25th
What happened, y'all just ain't gon' get it till the 26th
I'm here to analyze yo shooter like I'm Kenny Smith
But I ain't Kenny, Kenny can't shoot it, but Kenny spits
This ain't fo' more bones, hashtag, New Guinea tricks
An oxymoron, backbones and skinny dip
But what report on, betta come with yo swirl on
I hit ya with that C-Lo Green, ya know that short on
The people caught on, wait
I meant to say the people scot on, wait
The record, I hope record on
Wait, before we wreck it, too many styles to throw on
Wu-Tang is for the children, go get yo child support on
I ain't tryin' to bring the city back
And all that pretty boy rap ain't where I'm really at
Really, how silly's that? Besides, rappers don't really ride
They piggy back, I trade 'em all to have Tupac and Biggie back
Back, don't give me that!

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