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Horseshoe Gang - Half A Meal (Funk Volume Diss) Lyrics

Half A Meal (Funk Volume Diss) Lyrics by Horseshoe Gang

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Did you just hear Funk Volume?
They just said they'll battle anybody, any label for half a million
We gonna bring Horseshoe Gang and Crook up there man, let's see what's up
Horseshoe's dope, Horseshoe's hella dope
Anybody in human existence can stand in front of us and we will demolish em
You done fucked up, y'all know that
God damn I'm glad y'all set it off

Y'all can't fuck with C.O.B
Y'all can't fuck with Slaughterhouse
You can't fuck with the Horseshoe Gang, nigga
Y'all wan’ battle for half a mil?
We starvin, we'll battle you for half a meal

(Hook x 2)
God damn, god damn I'm glad y'all set it off
Funk Volume is better off dead and gone
I'mma laugh when your head is off
Funk Volume is hella soft, hella soft
(Wait, nigga just wait, nigga just wait)
You wanna battle for half a mill?
(Wait, nigga just wait, my niggas ain't ate)
We'll battle you for half a meal

It's all on site soon as they put this song on sites
Put your tombstones on sites, won’t fight
Nigga hold on tight to your life cuz you don't want dice to hit you, get stole on twice
Get stole on thrice, this a lyrical soul on ice
Slice you with a Eldridge cleaver, there's no more nice guy
Call this Christian rock cuz we gon' stone Christ
Wait a minute, who the fuck got a nigga like me started
We make the streets dark, we retarded
And we starvin and these artists are startin to look like a fuckin feast, fuck a peace offerin
Unless I offer you the peace, I caught him in his sleep
See y'all in some deep shit like sodomy, y'all don't wanna see this side of me
We turnt up but y'all volume is weak
We can battle off the top of the head or I can just start choppin your head
As your freestyle leaks out comin out the top of your head
I'mma dig off in your pocket for bread
It's no defense for the sick sinister piliger from here to any peninsula
I'ma finna pencilin your doom, enter the room like niggas shouldn't have mentioned us
Then I'ma switch it up, it's Mr. Killer calligrapher

Nigga what? They know that we don't give a fuck
In a second we'll make the second coming of "Hit 'Em Up"
Then light 'em up like a room when the switch is up
Where my Swisher at? I feel better once when I lit it up
Is these niggas jokin? maybe I should be smoking what these niggas smokin
I breathe in the moment then make sure you niggas can't breathe in a moment
You won't be able to stop it nigga, I promise you will die
You may want to watch it like your job is to supervise
Trynna spar with my silly ass similes and syllables are certainly similar to suicide
We the niggas you should put in your top 10
If you want to battle instead, let's get it poppin'
We'll kill anybody that hip-hop sends
We'll murder anybody, it don't matter who hops in

I'm the Rakim & Biggie type
Not impressed with the type of shit dizzy write
I'm the type to be all up in a nigga's grandma's basement
I'ma fina fuck Jarren Benton's wife
Hold up, you couldn't fuck with a picture of me
Your girl fucks with a picture of me in her head
While you in the bed listenin to me
You a dead nigga the minute you mentionin me
Crazy nigga, baby Hitler
Skills feel like a Mercedes hit you
You been smashin em black Eminem's rappers but we the real shady niggas
Fuck soft rappers, I said it already
Reminds me of the shit I said bout Fetty
Your home is where I'm finna be headed nigga
I'm fina behead a nigga, I got a machete in my Chevy

My murder melodies steadily, leavin each and every one of you pathetic competitors redder than spaghetti
This long beach, I'm a cold beast
You mutherfuckers end up in the belly of a Yeti
This ain't no Drake or no Meek type of shit
This is some "Takover," "Ether" type shit
Now make no mistake, we been patiently waitin to beef with a clique
Now these gay niggas makin statements on Sway, yeah he gave em the bait
This ain't beef, this is fish let the eatin commence
I rep three letters, C.O.B. shit
Nigga these letters mean cease and desist


Couldn't fuck with some niggas like us if you wanted to
What you wanna do? Nigga any one of you
Niggas you could get it, just admit it, you should come anew
What you wanna do? any one of you niggas

You motherfucking wack ass rappers (talk your shit Sway)
I hate you
I hate you for thinkin you could rap
You're pollutin the game (dirty drawers)
Fix your mouth (rotten mouth)
Fix your lyrics by gettin rid of em
Wack rappers, your time is comin to an end
Horseshoe Gang x 3

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