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GoldLink ft. Louie Lastic - Movin' On Lyrics

Movin' On Lyrics by GoldLink ft. Louie Lastic

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(Hook: Louie Lastic)
Moving on, keepin' strong
Don't ya let them steer ya wrong
It's a groove thing (a groove thing)
We're goin' to give ya what ya want
Just as long as you're around
It's a groove thing (a groove thing)

(Verse: GoldLink)
Yeah, yeah! Back to get reck
No respect, the hoes who fuck fo' next
I bust a left, move on to next
I neva luv a bitch, neva cuff her, neva wife her
It ain't nothin', if the bitch about a dollar, then that bitch ain't gettin' nothin'
Still West side muthafucka, it ain't neva left the buildin'
Neva left the children
Luv my Panamanian, and my white girl too
And I got mad hoes, and I got my passport
I'm a lil asshole, I don't give a fuck tho'
Bad bitch on my dick, neva go slow
I tell her bring it back baby, can she go low?
The lil bitches know what's up, they luv a black boy
Young bad boy, movin' like a convoy
Conversations gettin' late wit the boy toy
She ask me 'Do ya luv me?' I say 'Uh, ask yo ole boy'
I got one night in town, tryna fuck and get fine but I get around

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2: GoldLink)
Hey what's up luv, how ya doin'?
Yo pretty body is so hypnotic
I want to take ya far away and get it popping
Wit ya and everytime I pop up in yo city
It's just me and ya, them titties and yo time
Only ya and I
But baby, please don't pay attention to my pimping
Ya the only one I'm thinking, no Jamaican, let ya hit the ceiling
And hurry up, I got a flight that's in the mornin'
Promise I won't take too long
And I'mma call ya when I'm back around

(Hook x3)

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