Monday, February 23, 2015

Riff Raff - Judo Chop (Freestyle) Lyrics

Judo Chop (Freestyle) Lyrics by Riff Raff

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Which me tip-tope to the top , top
Several cell phones, can’t remember my last name
My whole life is auto-paid
Should I candy coop it?
Bought a Scotch skin while she’s telling me I’m famous
Would answer your calls
But I don’t owe you no favors
31 flavours like ____ Roberts
My new haircut and my new bangs judo chop them
I cannot expire
Give me 50 mill
I might thing about retire
All I ever wanted was to buy Versace island
Can't see my diamonds
'Sace glasses cover my eyelids
Macarena diamonds, diamonds dancin' like Usher
Squad's out in Sweden, bench-pressing in Russia

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