Friday, February 20, 2015

GoldLink & Falcons - Vroom Lyrics

Vroom Lyrics by GoldLink & Falcons

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Beep, beep, beep
How got the keys from the Jeep x 3
How got the keys of the beamer
I’m rolling 20 deep, I got the burner and the dealer
One stop shot, bitch nigga I’mma gonna need her
I never know that bitch, I never ever told that bitch I need her
Hold up nigga I don’t even need a damn
I use the two fingers just to bust that pussy square
GoldLink on motherfuck my opponents
I never had a party and my hands are so over
And since I move that VA you can call it supernova
I smach your lil ass, I wanna see ya up in the dova
Take you to the streets I don’t need nobody I’mma get you
Fuck y’all ass nigga, get a charge and take a picture

Nigga soso, you wanna play with my yolo
Smoke behind droll on the delo
The rain it’s my window, I take it x 2
Me some endo on the delo
Go see dope like a loco,
Can we get kinky tonight? X 2

Put you on, put you, put you on
I never fuck a bitch like this and then I fuck another x 2
You never find a nigga like me
Put that on my mother
Snake ass, fake ass, niggas I won’t trust ‘em
We just say forget ‘em, fuck and leave ‘em, find another
And my motherfucker, she ain’t say that I’mma buster
With fix box nigga boots, nigga this ain’t loyal
I’m losing up stick books, start motherfucker
Pretending who it is, and being how will be
That croaky motherfucker, always coming after V
I never use y tongue and she don’t ever use the teeth
I love it when she ask me, baby daddy is it me?
Like I’mma tell you niggas how I’ll be
I love it when she ask me baby daddy is it me like

Can we get freaky tonight like on Delo? X 4

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