Friday, February 20, 2015

Asher Roth - Blow Yr Head Lyrics

Blow Yr Head Lyrics by Asher Roth

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Stop fucking around
That’s the album
The second try never came out,my man
How come?
You were like the coolest guy
Now we want Malcom
This is too loud
You need to turn it down
Chill not now, son
I style like I’m stretching out and shouting
Either way keep bouncing
It’s wild
I don’t even leave the house
And I don’t even need the reason
I’m rolling on my alphabet
This is since we started smoking salvia
With bad dope in the back with a bad hoe

Homie I’m not that cool
I just walk around with an afro
Crash up the stash
So my bad boy
That’s too much of an asshole
Stash is blown like it’s a gas role
More like watching grass grow
I can be an asshole
I’d rather just hang around in my castle
I will be the best man
Get it? I am the best man
Pick my pase right between that chest
Rolling ____ are terrible
Here it’s slowing my pheromones
I don’t even carry homes
Take these earphones
I put them on your hair drums
Are you ready boy?
Here it comes
Are you ready boy?
Here it comes
On a full ride to Florida State
Too high to play it safe
Could’ve been Flo Rida, my bad my mistake
Should’ve started Footloose, the new Kevin Bac
The way I’m playin’ chicken and busters
I play cuts for my stuff
Like everybody gone nuts
Now everybody say what?
What was that man?
That was fun
Let’s do that again

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