Friday, February 20, 2015

Ace Hood - Truffle Butter (Freestyle) Lyrics

Truffle Butter (Freestyle) Lyrics by Ace Hood

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Thinking, thinking out loud
I can name a few rappers buying my style
I don’t give a fuck if he’s a finnie man
I was spitting
See the nigga is winning
I’m a black cutter, the cops got him
Gonna have it
Just tell him it’s top dollar
I’m chillin’ in a new village
She with Mike Tyson
She bite, bites my flow nice
There’s a bunch of niggaz rapping the crowd
Nothing ever lasted in a mill
If I sign that
Try me my tumble, don’t palm that

I'm thinking out loud
I just wanna marry Angela and stay down
Yes, Ms. Simmons
You'll get more than just the business
I am true to my religion
I could make your daddy proud
But I’m more than that
You owe me money
I be begging at your front door
The 20 dollars she will let it on the door
Be in the corner every morning like a _____
Somebody stop that boy
Every chick on Instagram wanna fuck this boy
And pause any nigga wanna test my cheek
You all got my beats
Stepping VIP
No drugs underneath
I’m a rock star
She likes it I put it in her mouth , dog
She uses her tongue every inch I want it good dog
But you’re shinning so bright
You need a little star
Bling,bling nigga
But there’s no love from the boy
You just lost involvement
Baby momma wanna trip
Now the court’s involved
She don’t wanna let me see my
She on this drama I need a refund
Telling lies, cut it out like a coupon
I keep faith I got to pray
All in do time
But silly you
That’s the boy move
I kick it with some bitches like kung-fu
See I’m a motherfuckin’ bitch
No nice guy
And I still feel 20 hoes screaming fuck that

The nation, bitch
What up nigga?
What up nigga?
What up nigga?

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