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Cory Gunz - Truffle Butter (Remix) Lyrics

Truffle Butter (Remix) Lyrics by Cory Gunz

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If it ain't about the plan
Don't ask about Wayne and Birdman
Go and do shit you could neva afford or understand
That's my muthafuckin' fam
Teach me how to ball, Jordan Jackson on jam
If I ain't the wittiest, grittiest
In the city of pitiless
Threw the prettiest, shittiest
In the viddy, but really miss
To my city I'm Diddy
I'm Vanilli to my milli
I swear I been on them titties
Since I got off them titty
Bring the duffle to gutter
Tell em truffle the butter
In the trunk with yo mother
She try to scuffle, then cut her
They ain't hear from you, Cory
Some of them wanted you, wonder
Becuz they scared of you, Cory
They want no trouble, they want it
Then free my nigga Meek Milly
Tell em stay out in Villie
I violate my probation
So to teach me how to weelie
In the BX with billies
I'm on GS in Harlem
I got the BS 90
Ya want a piece of the pro'lem
Might go to me fo' advice
I'll leave ya astray
I got the bracers from David Eliott
Did the Ring
Thank you for the watch
And thank you for the chain
They be runnin' to cops
I can't give you the names
But nigga... (you know)

(Verse 2)
Everything I turn up and go
I be killin' shit like y'all ain't neva heard it befo
I ride the murderous flow
I go to ___________________(?)
Told me stay on yo shit
And then blew me out like ________(?)
Meet anonymous women
They know I'm out on the ceilin'
I had to (?) and replenish
Then get the down at beginnin'
I fuck all 'em feelings
I got some powerful friends
Accountants and business
They shut you down independent
When on grind, I admit it
Niggas sound like ya finished
I'm makin' shit at me Nicks
Shut ya down don't need clearance
Cuz I'll run you in circles
Get it from Universal
I'm on fo' Henny and (?)
This ain't none of the purple
If you fuck with any yay and money up the refferal
Will leave his ass Richard Gere stuck with a gerbil
Free my niggas (**laughing**)
Middle fingers up to the turtles
With a bad Triny gyal
And I'm suckin' her solo
I ain't neva had clan but I'm luvin' the pearl
Niggas act like they in luv with anything but their girl
If you fight fo' love you'll end up die fo' this shit
Ask around, I'd prolly sold a .45 where you live
Nigga, I'll knock the cable out of yo kid
Yo kid out of the cradle, the cradle outta yo crib
I'll swing a blade from yo fuckin' neighbor side of yo ribs
Been all, and my niggas got it like Dibs
Yeah! I'll make a fuckin' move y'at em
I'll take a nigga's girl pussy, make an Uzzi out 'em

Ya know!
(I'm on the Snoop shit, they tryna bring the Boozie out em)
(It ain't nothin' but a 187 when I catch ya muthafucka nigga)
Ya know!
(Aight, that's it! That's it, cous'! We out, bruh!)

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