Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yo Gotti - 11/11 Lyrics

11/11 Lyrics by Yo Gotti

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Ay this the other hustle, this the other war
Find me in, in the crib but they got other law
Show her other bitch like a master piece
I’m black but she white and she a master freak
Gotta luck on that pussy, gotta mess the key
She got it ride it, ride it nigga
Master hood, Master P
I’m a master shield, do what I want be
The way I cook it and cut it like I’m master
Look at this master grinning, bring some concern me
Fifty, fifty, she won’t get the plug, she ain’t find me
Life full of granding, life full of slummy
He will met the dollar mean then he gonna move to Miami
Get the 11/11 just wait for the album
Brow all 11 cuz you know I’m gonna have it
11, 11 I point throw eleven
Cuz I’m banging money and I’ve been out of thugs since I am 11
I don’t matter if she have it, she like an angel like she got some wings
Put on Jason I take to her cousin
Don’t fuck with the money, come show you some things
Mention my name if you mention I’m the king
You wanna know what I mean
When I say all of my hustlers, my nigga, my balers are ready for the team

11, 11 I break 22 so they have all 11
I will get money, I’ve been throw this shit since I was 1 7
Yeah I was 17 nigga, I was 17 will make the labels
Now the brick will fall and the 32 shot, we invest in guns
11 they won, 11 they care, 11 they fine
11 new cars, 11 new chains but no new friends
The streets(?) and I’m driving the class and fuck ‘em on streets
I do what I do but nothing for leave to my nigga to get
And my bitch been complain me
She think I am fucking 11 new bitches
And my plug nigga play me, like fuck all the rapture
They get to the street

11 this one of the thrill, that’s one of the trail
And no stilling the hood, try to get that nigga saving the money

11, 11 just wait on the album,
Then ledge of 11, you know I’m gonna grabble
11, 11 and point 9, 11 I drive throw eleven
And I’ve been in the streets and I’m banging this money since I was 11
She ain’t know that they coming and (?)
And thuggle the streets on
And I do what I do but not just for me, for my niggas too
If you keep fucking my nigga, you’ll fucking with me
You gotta keep beat shit alive
Hella this fuck nigga slide,
Fuck niggas try to get over the game
Fuck all this niggas, ain’t never gonna change
Fuck all the lables, they never gonna sell
Fuck all the bitches, they gonna give all them
Fuck all the rappers and now they gona talk bout shit
That I don’t wana hear it
(?) when you lay when niggas on streets (?)
But remember they never come, I promise I won’t let you down
I’mma give you my stole, I’mma get you the pain, there’s no fucking round
Cuz struggle is real, my nigga got kill, my nigga lost life
When we in the streets and you and the others was fucking device

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