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T-Pain - Stoicville Lyrics

Stoicville Lyrics by T-Pain

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How ever thought a younger from a city full of rats and snakes
Was ever make it at the grass patch
Seven hills had me looking for a better deal
A hood nigga, I couldn’t count on the next day
Coming home from school I had tears in my eyes
They was picking on me and they wouldn’t give me my hat back
Now I have enough hats to give away
These better days I refuse to have flash backs
Nobody though I knew what I was doing
Nobody believes, so nobody will walk with me throw it
But nobody achieve what I achieve
If only somebody could see what I’ve seen
Say a pray for me, man we all have needs?
Til I walk in a room and they all just freeze
And they all look relieve like
If he made it we all got cheese, no
Homie that ain’t the way it work
Especially if you ain’t even put a day of work
Now they going crazy cuz I made it first
See homie I just make it work
It’s cold world, ask my own girl
She feel my pain and I ain’t ever make it hurt
And my dad proud of me but he got too much proud to say it out loud for me
Got to keep that out the road, balling in the house for me
He coming to my shows hanging in the crowd for me
Man I still love my nigga, the only think that I ask is that they hold it down for me, aah
I still wrap the 85 oh yeah
I got to tight it on my own so ain’t go nowhere
But motherfuckers are say that you change
And they the ones that wouldn’t last a day in this game
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’ve stayed the same
But I guarantee that I will never (?) to the fam
That’s some bullshit
And y’all know that ain’t me
But I’d rather grow up then to stay 18
Life goes on an hopefully on great things
Traveling in the world and seeing shit that I ain’t seen
Then one day I’ll look at my reflection
And realize how I’ve been acting, how I’ve been dressing
I realize I can make in depression
But good Lord it’s just fucking depression
And good Lord I got some fucking questions
I think it’s time for some motherfucker confessions
Wake up call, wake up call,
My answer to every questions was : “Fuck y’all!”
All I nine is this 9-11 to fuck bros
I just need to buy a seven with enough floes
My last album they do number like I want it to
But that as God try to ask me what I try to do
He said I hate ‘em but after they’ll run in front of you
But you gotta get learn how you get out and what you going throw
Hurtles got jumped, mountains got climb
The Molly came and put the fucking wallet in my mind
Now on Mini-crimp pimping complaint and ambitions
Then look ahead and hitting
Now they will reminiscence,
How many niggas told me that I was gonna fail
Cuz I gotta listen niggas that will go to hell
They feel like I own ‘em something cuz they know me well
Calling me to sell cuz I won’t come and smoke the al
The same nigga that told me I had to hit
Chose me three hundred to put it in his mix
Now suicide looking better then hitting a lic
Cuz the hole time he knew that I was living on my whip
But now I see ‘em and I can’t even take it
Cuz he walk up to me and say boy I knew you was gonna make it
Hell, like motherfucker that you just no recall
I needed help and you just left me sitting on my balls
That just wasn’t the right life
So I told the bullshit to have a nice life
And all the girl yelling at me in front of the moon
Like nigga are you just gonna go and get a wife?
Fuck you bitches, I did what I did and now I’m running round my mention doing shits with my kids
But now maybe my life is too sweet
Like I woke up in that Bugati and we right back to sleep
I was dreaming, y’all was scheming
Like gram something in pocket but all just got to feed it
And all these bitches, all just want my (?)
And this time collecting checks and ball out for the season
But ain’t nobody give a fuck when ain’t nobody give a fuck
Now they have the hand up asking me to give it up
And every time they ask me for something
They say : “Now you know that I ain’t never ask you for nothin’ !”
I got lost, I got lost credit cards got swapped
Money got toast, hundred after hundred, dollar after dollar
Drinking every kind of liquor and that Molly got swallow
I know I fucked up cuz I’m a grown man
So now I’m thinking like my old man
He said if you make out laugh then look out to the sky and come up with your own plan
Now I see my niggas just want me to win
But I won’t have ‘em if I keep disrespecting my friends
They been throw it, say they know the fear
So all I need it to trip up and stoicville

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