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Smoko Ono ft. Rockie Fresh, Saba & Jarred AG - No Look Lyrics

No Look Lyrics by Smoko Ono ft. Rockie Fresh, Saba & Jarred AG

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Alright, I'm hot like 87, more like 89 degrees
I do cherish everything that's got me in this league
You want sum' different and I got what you need
My life is like a movie and my role would be the lead
Now followin' these niggas' statements, I can tell they on some hate shit
Trust my navigation, we can make it if you patient
All the time I'm takin', bitch, I'm just preparin' greatness
I'm laughin' at these niggas, cuz to me it's entertainin'
I'm famous, that's word to my nigga spitta
And if I say I got it, understand I would deliver
I told my bitch to quit her job, to model in the winter
She always got a shoot, she a true fuckin' hitta
I swear niggas ain't down to settle when they know their worth
She thinkin' money bags like fuck a purse
I fuck 'er good, but then a nigga gotta go to work
And she already know the game like ?
Play by play out here tryna get it every single day
I came from the bottom, but I swear I couldn't stay
These niggas wanna way brag like they tastin' lavish
I mark cuban to a billion where a nigga move it

(Verse 2)
Ah, said this that food for thought, you sleepy niggas hit the -itis
But I could move a burbon, niggas still couldn't digest
I been on top of my flow like I'm in a fuckin' kayak
Now if I be chillin' with the Meyer in the summer
I just put in work, need a million
At the top, I'mma chew em, I'mma be more like nuisance
I met this girl, she ab-lucid, she say she luv my music
I'm more like 'fuck is ya doin'?
Drop a mixtape by the summer, by the winter I'm tourin'
Them boyz is wyluin' out, they're talkin' bout Steve-O now
I just pulled a ? see my lil Grand Torrino
Smoke and put the feet on, I just need something to pee on
Competition neva passin', they are more like Nemo
Wylin' with a bunch of narcotics in a crib
It's small but my niggas smoke and they down fo' that risk
I'm on my niggas like it's time to start
Keep ya beside me like a summersault
I been on the grind, do ya part
We gettin' to it, nigga, who the part?

(Verse 3)
Realized that my energy projected my sound waves
It's effective, I see it spreadin' next to the ?
I luv the way she make the top shake
Hoppin' out the shower, hundred miles per hour, that's the fire
Fire several joints channel the sound when the crowd came
I'm tryna floss in the cut with no mouth ?
I learn the ones in South lane really bout game
And the stories that we needed when the loud came
Hit it with a blade, no samurai
It's an atom bomb to yo candle ?
Few checks and never handle my sh*t
Crooks on everything got cold
Be up here to show me, been callin' my OG
Fuck you, I'm listenin', walkin' with slowly
In a room with yo girl and you're walkin' in on me
Room full of playas, I ?
You gonna beat, I'mma need that, man
And a sucka like me gon' fiend
When it's hot, we gon' keep that ?

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