Monday, November 3, 2014

Punch (TDE) - My Darling Nicki (Interlude) Lyrics

My Darling Nicki (Interlude) Lyrics by Punch (TDE)

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Just ya
Just you're beautiful
2 beautiful

I luv yo confidence, yo arrogance
The no nonsense way ya deal wit 'em
Other side niggas trying 2 holla
Ya shut em down quick
I don't know why they bother
You're so consistent, you're so deliberate
Set in yo ways, ya ain't even tripping
Don't need nobody, you're independent
So laid back but about that business
My ride or die, she'll op that clip in
If I say the word she will go the distance
Marelly MJ had a bad one just like her
Off Grape & 103rd, they'll blow that purp
In the jail field & she tolerated me just cuz of him
& ya tolerated him just cuz of me
I mean it is what it is, let it be what it's gon' be
Hate in yo eyes & hers alike
Chemtrails in the sky read luv but increase the violence
Shots fired, hear the ballads of sirens
True roll man, keep it out here firing
It's punch drunk luv , intoxicated
Hypnotized by yo deadly fragrance
If looks could kill, you're a detonation
Explode on contact, no hesitation
My darling Nicki, I luv ya dearly
We run the city until they kill me
Till I'm tatted, my name get blasted
On the walls of yo garden, I'm foreva branded

Just ya
Just you're beautiful

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