Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jaden Smith - Jetskis Lyrics

Jetskis Lyrics by Jaden Smith

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We should hit the beach
With this dang effect on my voice
You probly think a joker can't speak
Into yo blossom I've reached
Till we hit our peak
Talk about the album so much
That it's almost that they leaked
Damn ay Jaden's a beast
Like Grand Theft Auto with cheats
Then again you thought I was weak
Wear my heart on my sleeve
So I get your daughters in seats
Not the hardest emcee, but the only one you see
Let's go to the beach
Man, let's roll in the streets
It's the coldest in the winter, only soldiers you'll see
A bunch of circles ova here so you'll know that it's me
Ya wanna cry, girl my shoulda is free
Let's get older and see

Let me help you with your problems
(Yo, let's get older and see)
I could probly show a thing or two
(Yo, let's get older and see)

(Verse 2)
The stars in the skies, the sun at horizon
Look at my eyes, don't worry bout what they advertisin'
I keep ya surprised cuz ya know I lived all these lives
In different bodies, don't worry bout what joker's got ties
Ya know the story of Poseidon? Who do ya think will bring the tide in?
Who do ya think will make the waves wash up on the ground
While the joker steady writtin' all my poetry
I try to fight it but I'm glad I tried it
Keep that, don't need to hide it, man, I'm too excited
4th dimension, 3rd dimension, man, I'm undecided
I ate all my enemies so now I got the (?)
Disguised as my summer, when my path comes I hope you light it

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