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Curren$y ft. Mac Miller - Money Shot Lyrics

Money Shot Lyrics by Curren$y ft. Mac Miller

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Muthafuckas say they have it on lock, I tell em open the safe
Aho Aho, I put a hoe in her place
They show me love all the time, muthafucka, it ain't nothin' to rhyme
Got my tax record crackin', feelin' W9 South
It's my house, I was in the pro's, you was only in the tryouts
Tell yo coach to put yo ass in time-out
It is what it is and it be what it be (aw yeah)
Hymnin' ain't easy, leave it to me (aw yeah)
Homie, I don't need a hoe, wonder why I keep her, tho
She got that bom bo-bom bo-bom-bom
Like how the speakers go, kick it on a Fifa flow
You fuckin' with a Jedi, on my left side you got C-3PO
Do it big, keep it low, swear that I'm a genius, tho
Why I'm in line at the club like 'Emilio!'
Bounce to the home, 'Rich Alone', 'Victimo', 'Money Talk'
This is mine, get yo own, this a fuckin' money shot

(Hook break)
It's been a minute
It's another Saturday night

(Verse 2: Mac Miller)
Dance coupe, green dicky suit, you lied if you said I wasn't the truth
And what I do, I stay high, halfway shut eyes when I came through
Comfortably dressed, this the south and this west
Boardin' a jet, on course to collect the cheque
Give these lil boys sum' to respect
You can be the man on somebody else's set
No baby steps, I move like a Tyrannosaurus Rex
We tryna have right now and next, everybody eat
That's what I'm tryna see, do it betta than I've done it, homie
Don't just fall on me, I'm not the one that ? be
I'm watchin' you too, I need you to unspy me
Fool, this is true, I don't even lie when down to sleep
No time, I take naps in-between flights
Even when it don't seem right, no sheep dolla signs all night
In my sleep, money shot, right?

(Hook break)

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