Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sean Brown - What A Feeling Lyrics

What A Feeling Lyrics by Sean Brown

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What a feelin', now summer time is ova
What a feelin' cuz it's still hot in California
What a feelin', just came back from the East
New York got me inspired, I feel like I'm the beast
What a feelin', what a feelin', dreams of a million
What a feelin', turn that million to a fuckin' billion
What a feelin' when I'm on a plane, daydreamin'
Window see, oh, I got my whole life, so complete
Planned it out, What a feelin', got it organized
Respect to my 9 to 5's and you suit and tie's
And I can't see myself doin' that my whole life
So I gotta chase my dreams, niggas gotta improvise
Ya feel me? What a feelin' if you understand this
What a feelin' if you wake up in the fuckin' manice
Off the back, you get to do what you want
Homies bringin' ova more than one blunt
They got that super skunk
That loud OG, that kush that make you fall asleep
Then when you awake you gotta plan the impoverty

What a feelin', what a feelin', what a feelin'
When my homies bring good weed ova by the... ounce
What a feelin', what a feelin', what a feelin'
When she on top and I get to see em titties... bounce

(Verse 2)
What a feelin', she ain't even argue with a nigga
What a feelin' due she see the picture is bigger
Knew she wanna get me on her good side for eva
What a feelin'. What a feelin'! I dunno, fuck it!
What a feelin', I'm just ridin' down my old block
Remiscin' all the times that I got stopped
By these punk ass cops, punk cops
What a feelin', did a college that I dropped
Out of, sorry ma, you owe me some luck(?)
Hopefully this birthday get her somethin' that she love
What-a-what-a feelin' when I see my momma smile
What a feelin' when I ain't seen the homies in a while
What a feelin' when we hit that 7-11
Grub at Nicky's, get drunk, R.I.P. my boy Kevin
What a feelin' cuz I'm still livin'
What a feelin' I'm so thankful, I'm so grateful
Can I make my entrance?
What a feelin' this just the beginnin'
What a feelin' my whole team winnin'
And when I say team I mean mind body and soul
My mind, body and soul, that's my team, we winnin'

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