Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rich Boy ft. Curren$y - Flight (Burning One) Lyrics

Flight (Burning One) Lyrics by Rich Boy ft. Curren$y

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(Verse: Rich Boy)
I'm on the over night, long flight
I'm bout that jet life
Hella ice, liftin' bright
Beemer like some headlights
Hit the switch and watch that bitch go front
Back, left right
Hydraulic, hoppa dropper
Scrapin' up the damn pipe
Soak root, dope ? with the racin' track
Engine musta come, transmission takin' out the competition
Old school, antique, hear me beef from off the street
Two women at the same time tryna circle me
Drive affairs, lookin' at digits
I got em custom benz pipe
Draw drippin' wet lookin' like a piece of glass
Everything I'm busy, exactly how I give it
? could you see? Self pint pissin'
Bad bitches I be with, I fucked the hoes you couldn't be with
Make em come and suck on it, pop that pussy to a split
Penthouse suit, from the bed you can see the beach
Chillin' at the jet lounge, burnin' one with Curren$y

(Verse 2: Curren$y)
Ah, badder is in my trunk
My car swayin' in em lanes but the driver not drunk
Here to ride momma, jump in my Impala
Let that color bar dazzle ya, capture the baddest passangers
Tryna sneak selfless atom cells in the Chevy
With the Captain Andretty on the wheels
And he wheels they ready to hear the switch concrete
Meet the metal, four tails spuff like my lighter do
And I been doin' this since bicycles
I had the stingray Schwinn with the 8 ball caps on my valves, stems
That's him, that man niggas thought I wouldn't do it
And I had to show em, I move em with hydraulic fluid
And I really own em, I ain't lyin' in my music, just layin' on my toola
Keep an eye out for looters, keep an eye out for shooters
Keep an eye out for loosers

Ladada ladada ladada
Ladadat ladadat ladadat

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