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Migos - No Mediocre (Remix) Lyrics

No Mediocre (Remix) Lyrics by Migos

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Y'all know it when Migos walk in the buildin'
All the bad bitches come out
She too far from mediocre (bad bad)
She too far from mediocre (oh)
She too far from mediocre (uuuuuh)
(oh, oh oh, oh, Migos)

Migos in the buildin', what she came to see
Said she want it but she told me she a fan of me
No mediocre, have you eva made a game of strip poker?
Too bad, I can't have you whippin' Toyota Corollas
Spanish lil' mama, she call me señor
Vamanos, andale, she want some more (vamonos)
Nigga, bad bitches on my yacht (all aboard)
Swag in the trunk of death, like a sword

(Verse 2)
Said she wanna take off and ride with me ride around my city
I can fit her sippin' Martinis, her beat playin' linguini
She a bad girl like Riri, and a house wife like Riri
My dominate lookin' like water, VVS is lookin' like ? shot
She down to take a porno solo if you take a photo
You coulda been at my mansion but I hit her at my gono
She screamin' YIM, and that number nig'(?) Obama
The trial free a nigga, you know that's a nigga lucka(?)

(Verse 3: Iggy Azalea)
Heard he want to lay it down on Iggy Iggy
Gave it to him twice, now he want a three, Mike Bibby diva
But I need a bad boy,
Rest in peace Whitney,
Pardon me, but I don’t think none of these bitches fucking with me!
Want a Billboard bitch stop running in place
Heels on me saying gimme six inches of space
Courtside while designer frames cover my face
Now everybody in the game wanna get em a taste
I’m still Grand Hustle first lady fuck you pay me
Bet he won't go 12 rounds with the million dolla baby
I can change your life quick, stop playing with me
And if you ain't talking money what you saying to me?!

All I fuck is bad bitches
I don’t want no mediocre, no
Don’t want no mediocre,
I don’t want no mediocre, no!
Bad bitches only, ain't no mediocre
Don’t want no mediocre
I won’t hit no mediocre, oh!
You a bad bitch
Stunting on the mediocre
On a mediocre, you stand on a mediocre
Seven bitches with me and ain't none of them mediocre
From they head to they toes,
They so far from mediocre, yeah!

(Verse 4)
I don't want no mediocre, that mean I don't want em local
They can go shop on rodeo, falls on my like pogo
On a trip to Barbados where we can duck off and lay low
We stuck a convoy by pessos, we stick together like lego
Stick a vatigo, she givin' me mill tune
Ended up no instrumental, she poppin' it on me like a pimple
I'm trappin' the birds, she like a criminal
Ya know she smurr, she give me the word
I blow her up first, she want it in a Bentley, not a Suburban
She want it foreva, come over from Persia
Y'all makin' me nervous

(Verse 5)
Right hand in the air, I solemnly swear
I never fuck a bitch if she don’t do her hair!
No more, you won’t get no dick if there’s a bush down there
Girl I should see nothing but pussy when I look down there
You come fuck with a nigga what better to do.
He call to ask how you doing, tell him better than you, yeah
I’m kicked back with four pieces like a kit-kat
Me fucking if you ain’t a dime, just forget that
Pretty face fat ass, if she don’t have
Have one of these, well I think I’ll pass.
I just handed her the keys to a new drop Jag
When she took, it I took it back, you shoulda asked for a Benz
That’s mediocre, bitch!

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