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Yelawolf - Primus Freestyle Lyrics

Primus Freestyle Lyrics by Yelawolf

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Hi kids
Come out to play
Do you like Primus?

I was gonna do one of those kind of freestyles
You know the jack for beat shit a rapper speed dial
Automatic attention
And sniff out an MP3 file, murder it
Throw a dead body at your feet and say “ See how”?
But then I thought hey what the fuck is the use?
I got drunk and listened to Primus and took it into the stu
I looped it up for a minute then grabbed the pen
And began on the menacing mental sentences started syllable groups
That’s over the top, I’m too explanatory, but my catalog of music is well, mandatory
Gonna appreciate what I made on that Love Story
Look at my history .. of recording because I’m

I popped out the wood like a pine cone
Dropped in that Alabama time zone
[Popped a shotgun in a microphone]
Oops, pop the trunk, now your minds gone

To understand who I was before hip-hop
You gotta picture this little bitty ass idiot
Running ‘round with a hideous group of sinning
Oblivious hicks smokin’ a roach and then sniffing gas out of .. with garden hoses
Poking holes into my old jeans
One of those nightmarish impossible teens
But i was a young prophet to be seen
Listenin' to some Skynyrd then Nas then Billy Jean, hm
Somebody should have seen my great escape
Cause I went from pressing my troubles to pressing play on a tape
My appetite for destruction was pushing me to my fate
And then The Beastie Boys put me off on that 808

Two thousand people in front of me seeing what I'm seeing
This redneck .. shit, mixed with this shit's amazing
What a concept, but my name is ..

Damn right mister [Claypool]
I couldn't have said it better, you're like an angel
I'm not as accepted as I expected
Through my perspective in front of the sexist ..
And I didn't get elected
Like Charlamagne Tha God fuckin' hates me
Mayne wish i feel accomplished by having such a prestigious
Over achieving genius like Charlamagne to complain about me
Why can't somebody whose really done something doubt me
That's hard luck fuck it, I'm used to kickin' buckets
I'm used to pickin' up sticks for the general public
I don't how being white is such a sensitive subject
It ain't like I'm the kind of white of a Jimmy Buffet
Or a mother fuckin' geek undeserving of the credibility
I'm realer than most of these rappers ever was or will ..
I don't sell dope and I don't ask why
I don't .., and I don't sell lies

Yelawolf many changes, many so weird
He went from wearing a mohawk to fuckin' rocking a beard, in a year
And now he's over that, what is he gonna do?
And I saw him on Instagram and he's rockin' some cowboy boots

I feel great, you should get a pair
My DJ's got a pair of rattlesnake skin boots, he's outta here
We like being not like you, that's the point
Besides I look amazing, Baby, roll me a joint
And I don't even smoke no more
I just feel like Willy Nelson more than I have before
So turn the music up a mother fuckin' tad bit more
And prepare yourself for another Shady smash of course
I ain't one of these artists .., that stickin', they never change
I love opening doors, exploring parts of my brain
Reflected externally through my clothes, views and style
And it takes a hell of heart to do it in front of a crowd
Pardon me while I start another chapter inside my book
It's a feeling of pure enjoyment to see you..
The look on your face when you hear it, the shit that I created
It's amazing and I can feel it, believe it I can relate, but

Don't be a hater on the fucking clock
Trimmin' fat takes time, just wait watch
These rappers really think they got shit locked
But they gonna know about me when my album drops
Love Story

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