Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vic Mensa - Waves Lyrics

Waves Lyrics by Vic Mensa

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Life goes around, never know where you might lose it in a moment
More I lost the more I found, the foundation in the basement
It started from the bottom with a bottle and a scheme
That's all you seen inside my Visine, eyes drowin' in the drink
Drunk off the promise of prosperity vicariously in the body of a king
The dream is alive, it's a double edge blade
Cut your neck for the same check that you save
I say this to say sometimes you can find less when you get there then you do along the way

Bound in chains covered in gold
A thousand things I never know

All my dreams are stalled
All my shooting stars
Will be gone and lost
Do you know what you want?
The fame, fuck the fame, cause I will be there
No matter how far, I'll be by your side
When you find what you're looking for don't you realize
The signs on the road all point to the past

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