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QuESt - Days Before Searching Sylvan Lyrics

Days Before Searching Sylvan Lyrics by QuESt

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Just wanna talk my shit, just a little bit
Pardon my honesty, haha

Last night I had an epiphany
Or maybe Dow Jones' advice was starting to click to me
Like why wait to be great just capture it instantly
Too excited to notice the dreams he was tryin' to give to me, (yeah)
Timing is everything, don't act like I ain't try to tell ya
Don't get caught up in the future man this shit'd kill ya
This is too familiar
It's like a family reunion of feelings I though I'd buried back when this shit was realer
When I was jackin' for beats in '09
Back when Shake was postin' tapes like I ain't needed more time
Poppin' lines like I don't need a co-sign, shit
Like I could be Cole, without Jay
All I need is more rhymes, well
Fuck being back where I though I started
Mix of progression it took and a couple lessons
One, let this shit happen how it's supposed to happen
Two, think about your choices before you make action
You got shit you wanna say, spill it through the rappin'
Keep your friends close and your enemies far from the cabbage
I ain't lyin' (never lie)
Started with some niggas who got it before me
Shitted on me, now I guess it's apart of the story
Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn
That's word to Aubrey, I stood away from the parties
Kept my head above the waters, the sharks smelled blood
Only God I trust, guess it means I gotta go harder
I'm feeling like Drizzy before The Comeback
Kendrick before the dedicated verses, nigga run that
Wiz before the Flight School, Cole before the Warm Up
This is merely precaution, don't frown like I never warned you
Please, don't talk to me about who got next
If that ain't me, that's disrespect
And now I'll take it to heart
Start some shit that you ain't set out to start
Just know your role and play your part
Why you talking reckless?
Guess that chip on his shoulder is fuckin' him up a bit
He's more aggressive like you don't know who to trust and shit
I'm just channelling energy for the fuck of it
Rap is my ventilation, got a problem? You can suck a dick
Shouts to my homies that's only rockin' Timbs
All black everything, I learned that from my nigga Sid
He told me "Watch for these clowns, know they love to pretend"
Lord knows, Lord knows I been at it, I feel a void, let me fill the void
So many rappers around I'm shocked that are still employed
Searching Sylvan for the children, hope you listen and feel the pain that I felt and get inspired to instill enjoy
You can do it boy, believe me I swear to Jesus I been through it boy
Honestly I'm already plottin' my debut
The game need change, and y'all can keep praising "what's his name"
Enjoy it while you can, I believe in myself
Fuck is this? You deceiving yourself?
Every night I used to think to myself
I was meant to be the greatest of my generation
And my generation's, generation's generation
This is for them late nights in Rashad's basement
Making seven tracks a night, all I needed was patience
Searching Sylvan is a story to relate to
The next one I show the world what I'm made of

No time for the fuck shit
Fuck around, nigga run this
No time for the fuck shit

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