Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kembe X ft. Ab-Soul & Alex Wiley - As I Unfold Lyrics

As I Unfold Lyrics by Kembe X ft. Ab-Soul & Alex Wiley

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Well if it isn’t them purple smoking, swerving
Deeper than the ocean, higher than the birds
I speak it into motion, be cheefing like a stoner
But sleep with the emotions of feeling like a loner
Put it in the air with the squad, good God we faded
High, tryna figure out how we made it
Mogs tryna figure out how I knew
Living life, how I like, that’s just how I do
Ain't got rid of my bitch, though she creeping on me
Whole time I’m more worried ‘bout who sleeping on me
Negative I don’t believe, so don’t speak it on me
I’m the man, ain’t a mother fucking secret homie
I got the Backwoods and we cheefing homie
The Triple Sevens my squadron still
And keep it moving with the drama, bitch
Let’s make it clear that I’m tryna chill
And I’m never in a rush
When I’m with your bitch I duck, cause she probably finna bust
Lying means I give a fuck, to me honesty is clutch
Fuck around and hit it once, that’ll probably be enough
And I’ll probably be above the fuck shit
A nigga with substance, what up to the Village
Niggas built it from nothing, a dream and a little assumption
Left her friends for my crib on some literal fuck shit
What up bitch

Day and night I pray that I could find the tools to face this life on my own
No, no, no, no, no
Why lie, I try but I’d rather be left alone

Well if it isn’t that OG smoking purple potion
Soulo Ho, so much commotion
I wrote songs with so much devotion
I’m wavy, I flow in the ocean motion
I’m crazy, my brain an insane asylum
Obey me, I’m Godly and omnipotent
Uranus as plain as the game without him
Him being I, seeing eye'm so focused
Black lip pastor, hazard hazard
The resonant frequency if matter matters
Backwoods, extra pills, seals untampered
With, Whit, have my shit right when I land sir
I drew the landscape and I won by a landslide
Everything’s mine when I land and my mind’s a land mine
I know you can’t comprehend the Son of Man
That’s on my mom and them, yup
Kembe X, Ab-Soul and the dash separate the B-S
My delivery’s so TDE, I was a app away from U.P.S
As I unfold, these brand new socks and drawers I want it all
Don’t let me enter my zone, I just wanna hit the ATM and enter my code

....when in my zone

My life is like a road with highs and lows
Put me in the spotlight I’m like a rose
How high it grows
My life is like a road with highs and lows
And can’t you see that my vibe is like a rose
As I unfold, as I unfold
As I unfold

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