Thursday, August 28, 2014

Brianna Perry - Me OK (Freestyle) Lyrics

Me OK (Freestyle) Lyrics by Brianna Perry

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Bitches in the South ain’t soft,
Niggas in the South ain’t soft
Get your life lost, better have a...
Recite with gangstas, Microsoft
Wait, bitches might hate, bitches won’t bite that bait,
Bitches know the stakes, ask Miss Drama, nigga!
I ain’t really with the drauma, nigga,
They just get it popping, they don’t even ask... nigga
I’ve been doing this for my influence
Is take off more than the strip boys,
Let’s do this!
Touch down more Kevin Johnson true to this
Fuck it! I ain’t new to this!
Ended up young like Queen, you know that
Step another time for a booze, I’m on that!
Classy female, peek the detail,
Ain’t about the money, I send them the V-mail!
Ice challenge, but they don’t donate a penny
All these times you see them ... the penny
She just say, “fuck it!” and let it breathe
But fuck it, they stand on me!
Took me to get on the TV
For people I knew my whole life to feel me
They be needing popularity for clarity
But been that chick, take a look at my gallery!
I’m that bitch, don’t sleep on
Every hot nigga wanna put ice on
Bitches be like, “turn the lights on!”
Better watch what I say, get them...
Wait! VP talk their problem
Is them hoe boys love that white girl
Hoes may care a small world
Do you niggas even like girls?
Don’t get it two stitches cause I’m polished
I went to college, don’t fear the knowledge
You’ll get demolished, tossed in my garbage
Light my hands right, Louis Vuitton polished.
Wait! They let Remy out?
Turn around, pick Jeezy up
When they gonna let me jump!
They’re just trying to get our money up!
Haters run their motto
.. the hot Miss October
I do it for the coach,
Them young boys turned vultures!
Lil homie, I’m on you
Cause I... I don’t know you
One time for the know you...
I won’t be for no bitch!
I won’t cry for no nigga!
I won’t pay to get in!
I won’t pay for no nigga
Brianna got street credit
Pay dudes like Debby, Debby, Debby, Debby
Now run, go tell him!
I just like being real, I just like being honest
I can’t knew...
Lose is no option!

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