Friday, May 30, 2014

Kidd Kidd - Reach Out To Me Lyrics

Reach Out To Me Lyrics by Kidd Kidd

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For my grandmother, she was always there for my when I needed her. Rest in peace ... My little nigga .. just got hit up for a minute ago ya herr me. He out here with me ya. All real shit, don't just get it confused with music my nigga. Josh and Kiddie I love you! Hun! Ma...

I'm laughing to the bank
Not the beach funny
Bread all around the board like Monopoly money
But how can I eat good if everybody hungry
You not a reallionaire you don't keep it a hunna
Big diffe between wifey and bitches I fuck with
My real friends is niggas I've just stuck with
I rapped with Lil Wayne, but I ain't fronted
You ain't up in the hood, you just checked under it
I'm on the way home, .. I'm coming
Little shot in the air for my little cousin
I hope the bullet land on the head of who done it
You would get punched from thinking these lines punches
This is food for thought, like school lunches
My moms abandoned me, but I still love her
You don't have to wonder, you my Wonder Women
I took my nothings and made something from it
Got a pot to piss in, but the toilet wasn't flushing
I started hustle'n
Told to slow down, but I was rushing
I was being more .. than a Russian
I had to shallow my rocks when the laws was coming
Then through em up and got back to pumping
On the corner where the streets chris cross
Yeah the block was jumpin
That was back then
I had fat racks then
We had each other backs back then like yeah I wish a nigga would jump in
Ugh, now guns blowing like second line band trumpets
Niggas staring and what bitch
I was born with talent I'm glad it found me
Before a casket or a bounty
Haters can't talk to me so they talk about me
Now they praying Kidd Kidd reach out to me

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