Monday, May 26, 2014

Audio Push - Scorn Lyrics

Scorn Lyrics by Audio Push

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What the fuck is you living for?
You living the life or living a lie?
Or living to die? Nigga decide
‘Cause they say “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”
So I make sure cash be the only thing around me
I’m living on the up and up so fuck you if you down me
Nigga what the fuck is up? Just tell the people crown me
Incredible music from young blacks, astounding
Tears for your fears ‘til the motherfuckers drowning

Taking good from scorn
I would want you to have more
True to blood and form
These mistakes I would pay for
(That's the break y'll)

Open your eyes, yeah, I’m in your face
Try the time when I’m finna say “I bet you be a minute late”
You always off tryna emulate, was caring, was poppin’ sex
And hoppin’ boppin’ I’m finished late
I need a hundred Kush stems to stimulate
In fact I probably commit a hundred sins a day
I’m ‘bout a sin away from watching my whole life disintegrate
But fuck that, I’m finna get it right before the end of day

Taking good from scorn
I would want you to have more
True to blood and form
These mistakes I would pay for
(That's the break y'll)

Bam pop pop bam (x8)

Oh life gets you down and sometimes so many people cut you down
Sometimes, learn forgive and forgetting it don’t make no sense
They keep on and you go, you shine, oh, you shine, like hot
On a tint and my voice all black and the top down, down
.. x2
Give these niggas room, in the crowd can’t breathe, there’s nothing to consume
‘Till we conclude and get in dude, or get on out, no pussies allowed

Too many people raising hell, I’m raising heaven
At least I’m raising my hand to the sky where I said
I had a dream I felled victim to society’s plan
And I was thirty-six sitting in economy class
Mayday we’re going down, grab your oxygen mask
I don’t know what happened next, we probably crashed
The moral of the story is to follow your path
And tell the people your dreams, and if it causes a laugh
Keep going (x4)

Uh, don’t be surprised if I never stop
Some niggas rise but they never drop
Rose just a petal cop
We take care of our situations
Honesty’s a must, word the blunts we keep in rotations
Use connects to get the flow up
Know the grass ain’t greener on the other side
Just cut a little loss, ‘till I got forever haunted by some promises made
Tell myself some wrong things to make your heart it’s insane, look

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