Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire ft. The Yooj - Brooklyn Boheme Lyrics

Brooklyn Boheme Lyrics by Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire ft. The Yooj

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There are 2 things man:
First session at 61
We have an interview at 5 so be there at 4.30
My boys will be there at 4.30
On the second day I finally start to think that we’re going somewhere
I woke –up thinking about where we’re going
I don’t know if it’s room ,I don’t fucking know
Trust me ,I know
We’re both the same
We all have our seasons
But I want this more than everything
It kind of listening to a crazy metaphor
It’s like Harold and the purple crown
..and he starts drawing the shit
With the doors opened and all that shit
I know you have your reasons
I mean the motive of all is to get to the tendency
They say...

I must confess that I’m possessed ,that I’m ...
Get a headache
Then press the...on my nose
Used to open the bottle
Now I dig in a hole
Fuck my problems,I find my sorrows
Where somehow,somewhere else feels like that
All the nights of regrets that I can't turn back
Beatin' myself up, but I won’t fight back
Cause when I swing in my dreams
I never make contact
Except when it’s lucid
I guess I need the control back
My nigga Rupert said
Just enjoy the moment you hear
And we don’t need no shadows
For the company we feel
And my mother said
You can’t have a battle against the universe
Cause you never really win ,no matter how it hurts
For better and for worse
It’s will against favour
You can’t change that
Set the clock time late I try to forge my part
Turn a 9 into a 4
I got some memories and I’m blocked out

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