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Jose Guapo - Cut Her Off (Remix) Lyrics

Cut Her Off (Remix) Lyrics by Jose Guapo

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You know .. here bossy the hoes are like the lights ..
Switch I f*ck em thenI kick emi aint’with em when I spend the night shit
P**sy so good and make you wanna love her,
But I show you a fool if you f*ck without a rubber,
You know I give the pimpin, give a bitch right to my butter
And all this .. freesy, they just do it undercover,
She say she like to shake her ass and she do it for the money
I swear I wanna f*ck on every hoe that workin’ hard
They like to hit the .. they like this mother gun
I like to hear then finally beg I got light and bend them over
And my sign hoe, got pockets and some ..
Got bags on bag on bag, and .. model in my hand
And you ain’t nothing nigga if you ever ever kissed her
Gonna since a second that’s really dismiss her
I fought so many hoes, I swear they got on remember
Get a little for these hoes my ..this sipper
And might take a bitch and pimp, they know I’m a winner
I’ve been f*ckin on a tour, but my .. so much on sprint her
And I f*ck on … I even f*k so many random,
.. please cost, down to say, they see me at the ..
Right up, right up for seasons, for the reason so they see me livin’
Know that I was leanin’ and my drink to cut, what the f*ck you mean,
Broke bitch don’t get the time, they can’t even get a minute
I would vend it, told me to get the fifty minute,
F*cking all the friends, I ain’t trippin’ bitch might get some business
F*ck her in the cup I’ve been rushing, let me f*ck Atlanta,
And I’m from the back, my diamond .. look out on my ..
..on the low she’s a hoe, man you can’t be serious,
This nigga is trippin’ out the cash and feelin’ for this bitch,
I just wanna .. I ain’t feelin’ none of these bitches,
I’m quick to cut the muff and I just act like I ain’t stunter
And when they call my phone, I ask so they get my number
I feel like stunter.

It ain’t nothing to cut that bitch off
It ain’t nothing to cut that bitch off
Turn off, turn off, turn off

So what you sayin’ hoe, you know why the man hoe
So what you sayin’ hoe, you know why the man hoe
Baby I’ma chain, while you acting it’s a wit, wit
Easy ‘bout that action, you can bring and it’s a wit, wit
Here the hoe your .. make me ‘cause I’m type away
.. amigos they gonna bust it under lay, yeah
He don’t play no game, cause I know they’re watching like you ..
Like it out the frame baby girl inside,
Yeah that p**sy bomb, I just call it dynamite,
You’re ready, here I come I can do this shit all night,

It ain’t nothing to cut that bitch off
It ain’t nothing to cut that bitch off

ringtoneSend “Cut Her Off (Remix)” Ringtone to your Cellringtone

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