Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Mind Right" Lyrics by Juvenile

Juvenile - "Mind Right" Lyrics

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Get your mind right

Bitch, I be throwing money, 100 tho’ on me
That’s what I’m ‘bout homie, I’m out here dialin’ jonesing
My money loud, homie, sound like the crowd, homie
You looking fowl, homie, smell like a wild monkey
I got some miles on me, I’m from the south, homie
It’s Juvenile, go on and check the files on me
It’s getting wild, homie, I’m back in style, homie
You should retire ‘cause I’m right back on fire, homie

Get your mind right

You can’t, you can’t deny, darling, until you try, darling
‘Cause when I ride, darling, it’s till I die, darling
This super high, darling, and I go live, darling
I got two highs, darling, you’ve been advised, darling
They telling lies, darling, open your eyes, darling
That’s how it is when you the shit, them bitches flies, darling
I hope you wise, darling, and open wide, darling
And have a swallow of this sex, it’s you and I, darling

Get your mind right

ringtoneSend “Mind Right” Ringtone to your Cellringtone
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