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"Don't Sell Out" Lyrics by Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah - "Don't Sell Out" Lyrics

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They sayin’ don’t sell out
Don’t sell out, let’s get!

[Verse 1]
I’m bout it, you know it
Disturbin London Poet
Sparklers as in my Moet
If you need the glass and I pour it
Fashion week front row it
Chelsea and Soho it
Better valet park my ...
Then the Council come and tow it
Rebel Vodka, JD and coke
Bitch turn up the radio
Heartless verses pay as you go
Mixed with a little KC' & Jo
Now my sex is crazy yo'
Three to one ratio
Tryin to get fellatio
From girls as fresh as Daisy Lowe
Them girls say Hi, Them girls say Hello
I tell em stick their number in an envelope
She take it off but leave on her stilettos
You know you can find me round white girls like Othello
We say to em

[Hook x2]
Hold up when I’m famous, party like in Vegas
Yeah that alcohol made us
I tell em, tell em don’t sell out, tell em, tell em and don’t sell out
Tell em, tell em and don’t sell out, tell em and don’t sell out

[Verse 2]
Tatatata Tiger Beer or Cobra
Chase out my bilateral periodical hematoma
Livin la vida loca, I be from Barcelona
Life throws me lemons, now Celebrity Juice on my sofa
Got girl in Oklahoma, and the LA girl that do yoga
A girl in Amsterdam that's a stoner
And a sexy female schauffer
And a girl that makes a racket
I call her Anna Kournakova
In and out the tax bracket
So much for my diploma
Say what’s up? And say what's happeneing
He’ll be in the club just racks on racks on racks in
Was using words but no were using actions
Been around the world, and ladies love me and my London accent
We be sayin to em


[Verse 3]
Am I drunk? No, Am I lean? YES
I do her raw, No, Am I clean, YES
I do a tour, Fo sho
Bring out to mean, Guest
Roses Gabore, No
Ester Dean, yes
Am I mature? No
Should I be, yes
And my jeans still saggy like the queen
And I wear a lot of gold around my V
And I sell out all my shows just like they’re free
We keep on saying to em


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