Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Bye Bye" Lyrics - Jim Jones Ft. Kingpen Slim


Here is Bye Bye Lyrics is performed by Jim Jones Ft. Kingpen Slim @

this thing for hours to often took when you fly hard ..

i’m in the coop i hope the clouds don’t ..the shower
‘cause my roof right now is only clouds
i must confess i’ll be caught up in the moment
be pretty occupied with the pretty b*tches ..
i’ll be more concerned with every...
we’ve been getting money wiping up bricks over the ..
you got that gugu we got that ..for cheese,
...i’m talking why girls lindsay lohan
so much coke you might you will snow blizzard
and the one that come to fur is .. getting ..
and the trick is i get a couple .. thrown it
gotta watch a hustle ‘cause some blocks ..
.. ..married to the game no .. no divorce
trips...will be neck on my wristle
my mama they’ll be frozen

but in time i got cases still open...
while i’m .. no joking...if i get caught in new jersey call ..slim
ain’t no...any jail i’ll be ..young ..
in two...i’m going .. summer told me
you know slogan if you will rome you’ll do like romans
we was at the...we didn’t do like..
spend my money on the lawyer so i couldn’t afford a bit
...and they said i was a spoilt kid
always ... cause i did miss a year ..
i’m talking about get a date ..
same colors..put the guns ...pistols does
that was just a ...

tell me why ...waiting bye bye
i’m in the ice reconexions like... summer six ..when i ..
tell me where i ... waiting bye bye
i’m in the ice reconexions .. summer six ..when i ..

my group is coming in groups we’re getting money
my hook is coming in ..
we all shooten on my ..burn .. on my ..
i’ll be ..on your blue, sound of my shit
droppin my shit, dropped
nigga my ..jumpin i’m hip hop ...with the dough..
my pinky on blinky shawty so kinky got my slinky on twinkie
paper like winky, wake when is right ..i’m in .. the lights
if everybody wanna hide some ..
that everybody wanna type some type this
can’t the nicest one take the ..five minutes to write this.


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