Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mick Jenkins - Steam Lyrics

Steam Lyrics by Mick Jenkins

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Since oakwood I been moving this dope
Tryna give you this truth, so potent, every line is
Quote, 'overhit', I'm a fiend
Niggas scratchin' like I been in the DJ booth
I know that we ain't heard it like this since the
South Side expected to be so uncouth, or allude
Assassins made you believe that it's easier to coat with in the coupe
You don't want this small water words that I wrote
Puff puff to the joint, go pull
They shootin' ova there where the youngins playn games
Dubbed up, betta run no goose
I know that you don't want no noose
A lil' too loose with chores, betta choose yo sword, much wiser
I'm tired to see this drink, more water
Be the only time when I ever beat it down
When I tell these niggas stink more harder
A SPS scholar, pardon, I think more chader
Momma had to think more further
Pops never even thought about it
Cops only seen one side, they can solve profiles
Niggas don't doubt it, niggas already know mine
Showtime, spit a couple clothes line
While yo beat is superfluous, coat signed ?
Seven high King's drive picture me rollin'
South Side, where they shoot magazines
I'm alive, never picture me posin'
I ain't neva did CQ
And I ain't eve claimed GD
I'm with my folks
Know I got a gingerale with my smoke
Know I got a pair of cuff with my loafs
Do it for the free even when I'm broke
College dropout, he drive slow
Man we like the A-team tracks, like an A-bomb, I've been spitting napalm
Tell me do you feel it, tell me is it burning?
Tell me if you learning, tell me can you tell that this nigga is the realest?
Nigga I'm a realist
So many layers and it's really 'bout how many you peelin' back
Give it to the people with appealing facts
Make it so loud that you can still smell it from like
Three blocks down when they seal the pack
Send it thru the mail, you don't get it till like three years later,
And it still a smack
Some like how they brew and seal the Jack
How can you hate on that? That's best
I told y'all, I don't even know one win no debate on that
I can bet on that
I'mma keep droppin' bombs, I don't really gotta flex wit that
he don't stress fo' that, he don't even act stressed fo' that
So if you wonder where the check for a nigga on his shit

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